Why does it ask for Facebook permissions when I register/login?

OldCityCenter depends on a community of persons interested in the events that take place in their city or elsewhere.

Once you accept the Facebook app - "Event Planner", we can find out the events you created or where you were invited and said you are attending.

Why would I register as a user?

Very soon, each app user may:
- create/edit events to be posted on Facebook and (in Romanian) / (English);
- choose a precise address, that will be uniform throughout their events, making them easily found in Facebook and Google
- invite all his/her friends with a single button;
- post messages about the event on their Facebook wall;
- and many other tools for event management that we are already drafted.


Why does it ask for permissions when I want to comment a location/event?

Since your oppinion is important to us, to the location and/or event organizer, we want to be able to answer your comment. Further, your friends should know your point of view and your comment will be posted on your facebook account and the location/event's Facebook page (if they accept this feature).


Will I spam my friends?

Certainly NOT! We are totaly agains spam and anyone who engages in this activity through/with our app will be erased from the system and blocked to ever join our community.


How can I send feedback/complaints?

For now you can email us at office[at]


Where do you get the points of interest - locations and events?

All the information on our site is retrieved from public sources, available online and/or offline, as well as through discussions with our partners and the press.


Copyrights does not claim copyrights for the texts and images (artwork, photos, etc) attributed and/or included for a location and/or event and/or posting.

EACH and EVERY user is responsible for the creation/editing of events and/or postings, being legally and fully responsible and accountable for their own actions.